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Whether it’s an old sofa that’s great for a nap, that trusty recliner that you like to unwind in after a hard day, or a family heirloom that has been passed down from one generation to the next, we all have furniture that is special to us, and perhaps needs upholstery cleaning.

Unfortunately, much like carpet, fabric upholstery can become soiled and worn from repeated use, and oils from both people and pets can give it a dirty appearance and an unpleasant odor.  Buying new furniture can be a hassle, not to mention expensive, and often times unnecessary.

At Pro Carpet Cleaning, we can safely and effectively clean your upholstered furniture and extend the life of your fine fabrics.  Our specially-formulated cleansers can gently clean a variety of fabrics, including chenille, cotton and cotton blends, synthetic fabric, and more.

We also clean and protect fabric upholstery and carpeting in cars, trucks, and RV’s.


Step One Cleaning Process

   Inspection Before Upholstery Cleaning

Upon arrival, our technician will inspect the upholstered furniture to be cleaned and ask questions of the customer as to the nature of any stains (i.e., ink, food, etc.)  Our technician will then ensure that the fabric is in fact able to be safely cleaned, and will not be damaged by the cleaning process.


Step Two Cleaning Process


The technician will then vacuum the fabric to remove excess dirt and debris, as well as any pet hair that may be present.


Step Three Cleaning Process

Pre-Spray & Spot Treatment

A gentle pre-spray will be applied to all cleanable fabric areas of the furniture during the upholstery cleaning process.  This specially-formulated cleanser will loosen deep-down soils and dirt, as well as break down biological staining such as oils, urine, etc. sports will then be treated, and the entire fabric area will be brushed to aid in the loosening of soils and staining.


Step Four Cleaning Process

Hot-Water Extraction (Steam-Cleaning)

After pre-treatment, 230° steam will be applied to the fabric, blasting free the loosened dirt and any other foreign particles, while our powerful vacuum simultaneously extracts it all, including our chemicals and over 90% of the water, leaving the fabric bright, clean, and only slightly damp.


Step Five Cleaning Process

Customer Inspection

Our technician will then show the customer the finished product, answering any questions or concerns that they may have.  If satisfied, our tech will then recommend any additional projects and wipe up or vacuum any excess moisture in the general area of the upholstery cleaning.


Step Six Cleaning Process

Additional Products

Depending on the condition of the fabric of the piece that was cleaned, our technician will make recommendations for additional services.  Scotchgard® Fabric Protector is always recommended to prevent staining and greatly extend the life of the fabric.  Deodorizers are recommended to be added during upholstery cleaning, if there are pet odors still present, and Lysol® or Microban is recommended if water damage was present or the furniture is in a particularly humid area (i.e., garage, basement, etc.) to prevent mold or mildew.



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